York PFAS Test


Testing water for the “forever compound” PFAS has become increasingly important as contamination sites throughout the Northeast become increasingly identified.

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1] Order water test online, then pick up your Water Sample Test Kit and cooler at any of our H2O Customer Service locations.

2] Before you begin your water sample collection, review the sampling instructions included in your test kit or by watching our videos.

3] You have to return your water samples the same day.  Don’t start your water collection process until you’re sure you can return the kit and cooler the same day.

4] After you collect your water samples, place them on ice in the cooler we’ve provided.  Return to the location in which you picked up your water test kit.

5] Within the time frame indicated on the water test you ordered, you will receive by email your final drinking water analysis report.

Home Collection Option: You can choose to have an H2O Customer Services member come to your location to collect the water samples.  There is a home collection service fee.

If your H2O Water Analysis Report recommends that your drinking water should be treated, York Analytical can provide a list of qualified water treatment professionals in your area.

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York PFAS Test Includes:

  • PFAS
  • 1,4-Dioxane

Additional information

Option & Location

$400: Collect your samples & return to York, $550: York in-home collection service


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