Sampling and Testing – How It Works

Click on the order now button and order a test kit. You may choose courier delivery, or self-serve options for pickup of supplies and samples drop off.

In-Home Collection Service: An H2O Customer Services member is available to come to your location to collect the drinking water samples.

Before you begin collecting your water samples, review the instructions included in your test kit and/or watch our instructional video.

Collect your samples, then keep the samples in the refrigerator or on ice until they are in the lab. Please complete the Residential Information Form, which must accompany the samples.

Please note—you must return your water samples the same day you collect them. DO NOT COLLECT samples until you are ready to have them transported to the lab. Please allow ample time for courier service scheduling or notify lab when you plan to drop off your samples at your preferred location.

You’ll then receive your final H20 Water Analysis Report by email, within the time frame indicated on the test you ordered.

Preferred Vendors for Treatment: If you need or want drinking water treatment York Analytical can provide a list of qualified water treatment professionals in your area.

How to Collect Your Water Samples