Frequently Asked Questions

1. Should I test my drinking water?2022-04-29T13:57:25-04:00

Yes! There is a rapidly escalating drinking water crisis in our communities because of PFAS and new “Forever Chemicals” being detected in our drinking water supplies. Check with your local regulatory agency for the latest information:


2. How often should I get my water tested?2022-04-29T14:23:43-04:00

To be certain your drinking water hasn’t been affected, it is best to get your water tested once per year.

3. What should I test my water for?2022-04-29T14:24:27-04:00

We offer five drinking water testing options for Well Water or Municipal Drinking Water—from Standard to the new Forever Chemicals test. The recommended test you perform is based on a variety of factors. For instance, the Standard Water Test will provide a general indication of water quality and address basic indicators; whereas the Gold Water Test is recommended for those living near potential sources of contamination like farms or industrial sites. For a complete breakdown of our water test kits, visit our order page.


4. What are PFAS and “Forever Chemicals?”2022-04-29T14:24:52-04:00

Per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS) are a diverse group of human-made chemicals used in a wide range of consumer and industrial products. These chemicals seep into water from factories, landfills, and other sources. They’re often called “forever chemicals” because they don’t easily break down in the environment. PFAS chemicals have been linked to many adverse health outcomes, including kidney and testicular cancer, thyroid problems, liver disease, decreased fertility, and developmental problems.

5. Is YORK Analytical certified or accredited to test for PFAS?2022-05-09T12:00:27-04:00

YORK Analytical Laboratories is certified in both New York and Connecticut to analyze PFAS in both potable and non-potable water. YORK uses the United States Environmental Protection Agency (USEPA) Method 537/537.1, which is modified as an isotope dilution method to analyze water samples.

6. Where do you offer water testing services?2022-06-10T10:01:12-04:00

We have five laboratories for drinking water quality testing and one customer service center throughout the Hudson Valley, New York City and Connecticut where people can pick up and return water sample testing kits. Our locations are: the Nyack Analytical Lab (Nyack, NY), the Queens Analytical Lab (Richmond Hill, NY), the Long Island Analytical Lab (Islandia, NY), the Staatsburg Service Hub (Staatsburg, NY), the Stratford Analytical Lab (Stratford, CT), and the Newtown Laboratory (Newtown, CT).

7. Who performs the water testing and analysis?2022-05-09T12:14:53-04:00

All water testing and analysis is performed by YORK Analytical Laboratories. Independent and family-owned, YORK Analytical is the most respected name in environmental testing in the Greater New York region with 30 years of expert analyses. Our What’s in Your H2O water testing service was created to offer fast and accurate analysis of drinking water from your private wells or municipal supplies.

8. What accreditations and state certifications does York Analytical have?2022-05-09T12:15:08-04:00

YORK is a NELAP accredited laboratory and maintains comprehensive certifications in various states including:

  • New York State Dept. of Health Nos. 10854 and 12058
  • Connecticut Dept. of Health Nos. PH-0723 and PH-0721
  • New Jersey Dept. of Environmental Protection Nos. CT-005 and NY-037
  • Pennsylvania Dept. of Environmental Protection No. 68-04440
9. How does the process work?2022-05-09T12:15:20-04:00

The water sampling and testing process is simple. To have your water tested simply order a test online, then pick up your Test Kit and cooler at any of our H2O Customer Service locations. Once you have your supplies, read the instructions and take your water sample collection. Place your water samples on ice in the cooler provided and return them to the same location in which you picked up your kit. Please note—you must return your water samples the same day you collect them.

10. Do you offer a home collection service for water test kits?2022-05-09T12:15:28-04:00

Yes! You can choose to have an H2O Customer Services member come to your location to collect the water samples. There is a home collection service fee of $150.  We service Connecticut, Hudson Valley area and New York City.

11. When will I get the results of my water test?2022-05-09T12:15:38-04:00

You will receive by email your final drinking water analysis report within the timeframe indicated on the test you ordered. Timeframes vary depending on test kits, with Standard, Silver, and Gold Water Tests taking between 3-5 business days and Platinum and Forever Chemicals Water Tests taking between 7-10 business days.

12. Do you offer a rapid turnaround time for water tests if needed?2022-05-09T12:15:47-04:00

Yes, if you need a rush turnaround, we’ll be able to accommodate the request.  However, some tests require more time than others and we can’t guarantee a specific turnaround until we receive the sample and request.

13. How much does it cost to test my water?2022-05-09T12:16:06-04:00

Water Test Kit pricing varies depending on the level of testing being performed. Prices range from $285 for our Standard Water Test to $900 for our Platinum Water Test. For a full pricing breakdown, visit our water test kit order page.

1. What industries/types of businesses are a good fit for the business partner program?2022-05-09T12:07:39-04:00

Our business partner program is great for a variety of business types, including home inspectors, water treatment professionals, well drillers, plumbing companies, realtors and real estate attorneys, veterinarians, and more!

2. What can I offer my customers/clients?2022-05-09T12:07:53-04:00

Our business partners are able to provide their clients a number of benefits. These include coupon codes for drinking water test discounts and upgrades and PFAS and drinking water safety education tools to share. Business partners are also able to close transactions faster with a local, professional water testing lab that delivers quick turnaround analysis.

3. How does the process work?2022-05-09T12:08:11-04:00

Once you enroll with in the Business Partner Program, we schedule a call with a leader of our Water Testing Division to learn about your business and customers, and potential water testing needs. We explain the program benefits and partner pricing, and then schedule a home water test if you’d like to see the process and quality of our testing and reporting.

We then add your company information to our Preferred Vendor List on our website, and in the reports we send to clients.

4. How do I become a business partner?2022-05-09T12:08:23-04:00

Visit our Business Partner page and fill out the form to start the application process.


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