“Sandy” lived next to what she thought was a Christmas tree farm.  It was, but it turns out that the site used to be a toxic dump.  After testing, she found the site was releasing PFAS chemicals, which can linger in water for years.  These ‘forever chemicals’ accumulate in humans, potentially causing cancer and thyroid disease.  Because they’re so prevalent, they could be in your drinking water, and you might not even know it.

Sadly, Sandy got thyroid cancer from these chemicals.  As she states, “I had been drinking Scotchgard straight from the tap.”  There are nearly 1,800 known sites of PFAS contamination.  Another 57,000 known sites are presumably contaminated, but have not been officially identified.  This means that there are a lot of communities that have been contaminated, but don’t even know it yet.

Near to private wells from which millions of people source their drinking water, there are airports, landfills, farms, wastewater treatment facilities, and other polluters.  Private well owners don’t have the resources large companies have, and no one is telling them to test their water.

SANDY’S STORY IS NOT UNCOMMON!  Shouldn’t you know what’s in the drinking water that you’re putting in your body?  Analyzing water quality is easy and affordable.  Don’t stay in the dark about PFAS — get your water tested today!

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