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York Analytical wants to be your top choice laboratory partner for water testing services. We test all water sources and offer standard, advanced and specialized water quality testing, including PFAS.  All testing is performed locally in our three New York and Connecticut professional labs.

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1Partner pricing on all drinking water tests, with volume bonuses. $150 off the first drinking water test.

2Your business will be listed as a Preferred Vendor on the website and in every Drinking Water Analysis Report.

3Get Education resources for your customers on PFA (aka forever Chemicals) and drinking water safety.

Our Business Partner Teams

Water Treatment Pros, Well Drillers, Home Inspectors, Plumbing Companies

Help your customers, prospects, family and friends find out What’s Really in Their Water!

You’re in a position to help your clients, and community with expert drinking water testing; it can be a recurring revenue stream that builds trust and referral.

We’ll create your company discount code to share with customers for water testing upgrades; you receive educational and water safety e-newsletters to share. You can include our water testing analysis and reports in your services, or we can bill direct.

The “forever chemicals” crisis is real, and it’s getting worse. With a York on your team, you’re in a position to serve your customers better and faster.

Realtors & Real Estate Attorneys

Realtors need expert resources for getting drinking water tested for better business – you’ll close real estate business faster, and serve your customers better.

Certified water analysis is required for sale or transfer of residential or business properties; drinking water permits are mandated for businesses serving the public.

The U.S EPA, NY and CT Departments of Public Health, and Consumer Reports all recommend testing drinking water using a state-approved certified laboratory.

York’s Safe Water Team

York Analytical offers comprehensive drinking water testing for homeowners and property owners throughout Hudson Valley and Connecticut. We have NELAC licensing for testing of PFAS in drinking water, wastewater, groundwater and soil.

Navigating the ever-changing environmental regulations is difficult. With York on your team, you can be a valuable asset to customers and the community.

Register as a business partner, and when homeowners need help with issues identified in our analysis, they’ll see your company as a recommended vendor.

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It’s full of knowledge and news on drinking water contamination, and tips to ensure your clients and community have safe drinking water!


“PFAS chemicals have been linked to many adverse health outcomes, including kidney and testicular cancer, thyroid problems, liver disease, decreased fertility, and developmental problems.

They enter the human body through everyday products such as fabric protectors, waterproofed clothing and shoes, certain nonstick pans, sunscreen, mascara, some dental floss, sneakers, swimwear, takeout food containers, and other consumer products.”

from Rockland County Business Journal, “Local Lab Grows To Accommodate Homeowners Testing Water For PFAS.”

Local Lab Grows To Accommodate Homeowners Testing Water For PFAS

Nyack-Based York Analytical Laboratories Purchases Connecticut Lab Aqua Environmental To Address Growing Concerns Over Water Contaminants

For more than three decades, environmental professionals have turned to York Analytical Laboratories, Inc. of Nyack for water testing in the tri-state region. But now, York Analytical has bought Aqua Environmental Lab, Inc. in Newton, CT for an undisclosed amount to absorb the demand for water quality testing to homeowners.

“The water contamination issue has snowballed,” said Michael J. Beckerich, president and CEO of York Analytical. “Forever chemicals, known as PFAS, are a crisis in Rockland and Westchester counties. We have never before dealt with so much demand from homeowners who want their water tested.”

– quoted in Rockland County Business Journal, “Local Lab Grows To Accommodate Homeowners Testing Water For PFAS.”

What’s Really in Your Water?

There’s a rapidly escalating water crisis in the Hudson Valley and Connecticut due to the increasing detection of PFAS in our drinking water.  York CEO Michael J. Beckerich explains the cause for concern and what property owners can do.

News12 on “Forever Chemicals”

The News12 crew recently interviewed a Hudson Valley homeowner concerned with the safety of her drinking water.  The homeowner had called York Analytical Laboratories for her drinking water test and the York team was interviewed about the process.

About York Analytical Laboratories

For over 30 years, York Analytical has been the environmental laboratory of choice for engineering and environmental professionals in New York, Connecticut and New Jersey. We’re now providing certified water testing and analysis direct to all homeowners and commercial property owners. Independent and owner-operated, YORK provides comprehensive environmental analyses for water, soil and air samples, and opened New York City’s first and largest PFAS Testing Laboratory in 2018.