As of 2021, PFAS substances (also known as ‘forever chemicals’) have been banned in Connecticut, when it started the Aqueous Film-Forming Foam Take-Back program.

A July 2022 article from The Day (London, CT) reported many fire stations still have trucks containing firefighting foam, now banned because of the use of toxic PFAS.  This foam now has nowhere to go.  It can’t be used, and it can’t be disposed of due to a lack of funding.

The program, although moderately successful, has been critically underfunded.  This leaves many small municipal fire stations with no way to get rid of the foam.

The problem of these chemicals is even more serious in the vicinity of airports and military bases.  Any waterways close to these places should be tested immediately, as firefighting foam is more frequently used there.

If you live in Connecticut near airports, industrial sites, military bases and wastewater facilities, drinking water testing is critical to learn if these chemicals are in the water you and your family consume everyday.

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